Our COVID-19 response

Letter from our MD & CEO – CP Gurnani

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REWIND 2020 – A time to RISE

The world as we knew it changed in 2020. To survive we had to be agile, to normalize we had to trust in one another and to thrive we had to go above and beyond to enable the technologies of the future, Now. As the world around us stopped, we decided to RISE by enabling work from home and ensure business continuity while putting the safety of our own, above all else. As we move forward, there is no time to stop or hesitate. We must press on, building on this wave, to create the next level of human-centered experience of the future, Now. It’s a time to RISE!!

Survive to Thrive

Tech Mahindra’s point of view to handle the COVID-19 situation. The integrated approach is not only to help our customers start operations, but also ride over the tide to grow their business in a safe, secure and sustainable way.

Meet M.AI.A

Meet, an intelligent voice assistant for superior CX that is designed to deliver a quick, consistent & seamless experience by engaging in natural interaction with customers.

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Mhealthy is a comprehensive solution powered by new generation technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable data-driven digital diagnostics that enables generating real-time reports.

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Visualise and Compare Viruses

We compared protein amino acid chains and found that 99% of Malarial and HIV peptide chains are present in COVID-19. Read More

Comparing Virus structures and peptide chains may help narrowing the possible cure for viral infections.

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Entellio for COVID-19

Chat with the bot to know the latest, and assuage your fears by following safety instructions it gives. Need urgent help? All information available in the bot.

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As COVID-19 weaves its web around the globe, organizations need to assess their current Business Continuity Plan to address contingencies that could disrupt their business operations. Read More

Take our Pandemic Action Planning Self-Assessment to improve your response to the ongoing situation


Scotiabank gets closer to customers during Lockdown

Tech Mahindra enables Crisis Response Solutions leveraging Pega Technology.

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Improve productivity with GSuite & Tech Mahindra

Foster seamless, secure collaboration between remote workers with G Suite productivity tools

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WaaS NxT Workspace as a Service

Delivering the highest level of security using hybrid workspace delivery model

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Media & Entertainment

Tech Mahindra’s insights on how COVID-19 is impacting Media and Entertainment Industry

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Network Services

Networks face challenges due to COVID19, Tech Mahindra can provide the Solutions to Overcome them

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#NewAgeDELIVERY: Deliver Digitally. Deliver Today.

Imagine, Build, Test & Deploy with remote, omnipresent teams in an AI-Powered, cloud-committed, e2e Delivery Environment.

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Energy & Utilities NxT

Powering the digital future through NextGen solutions

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VBU Oil and Gas

Enabling your journey to the digital future with 15+ years of domain expertise.

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Way ahead for Manufacturers

Focus on cash flow, cost optimization and remote working through our solutions for Factory, SCM, Product Engineering, Aftermarket and CX.

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Leading the Way

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95% of Engineering VPs feel it is important to restructure business operations to diffuse current and future risks from the pandemic

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START allows companies to respond in predictive and prescriptive mode to changing Supply Chain dynamics.

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Ensure business continuity & keep your frontline workforce safe, connected and secure during these challenging times!

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Covid safety & awareness video modules to create awareness while calling employees Back to Work.

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Pre-Integrated digital solutions enabled over a wireless network providing higher visibility of people and assets!

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It is now become a joint-responsibility of the society to bring back our economy without compromising on safety!

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SwiftPLAN with SAP IBP

Helping companies manage planning disruptions & building Supply Chain Resilience

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Supplier Risk Assessment

Assess, Identify & Quantify the state of Supply Chain & Deliver Supplier Risk Assessment

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Crisis Response Solution from Tech Mahindra & Pega

Operational readiness solution to prepare work environments for re-opening & getting teams back to work safely

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Virtual Operations Workforce (VOW): COVID-19 SOLUTION

Flex the bandwidth of Operations Staff by automating L1 operations tasks

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Remote Secure Access as a Service

Secure access, Secure Connectivity for Inadequately Protected Remote Workers Environment

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Continuous Compliance Assurance as a Service

Complete visibility and control over enterprise risk posture in the form of Stake-holder dashboard

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Data Anonymization as a Service

Data Privacy & Data Protection to counter heightened personal & customer data breaches

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AI Based Cyber Defense as a Service

Address 24x7 Security Operations skills shortage and protect enterprise assets from cyber attacks

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Email Security as a Service

Continuous monitoring, detection & AI based remediation against email phishing / SPAM attacks

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AI-enabled Life Insurance Revenue Enabler

An AI based solution for life Insurance companies battling CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Safe Resumption of Manufacturing and Businesses

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Supplier Risk Mitigation & Cognitive Recommendation

Supplier Risk Mitigation & Recommendation Powered by iDecisions® SCM Analytics

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Fraud Management Framework for Digital Payments

A market leader solution well appreciated by analysts in fighting financial crime using AI/ ML

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Conversational AI

Conversational AI enables the computers to understand, compute, and respond to the human commands

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Customer Segmentation for pro-active support

A solution for data engineering, model definition, and visualization for customer segmentation.

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Thermal Sense

Tech Mahindra’s Solution To Prevent Spread Of COVID-19

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TechM Work at Home Contact Center Solution

Tech Mahindra is transforming Work Culture through its work at home solution

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COVID – 19 and the Telecom Industry

To understand the opportunities and challenges in the telecom industry due to COVID – 19 pandemic

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AI Impact on Covid-19

How artificial intelligence can accelerate and win the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

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