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The Storybook Project

The Storybook Project thrives on the most interesting, compelling, and inspiring stories of work and play at Tech Mahindra.
#RiseFromWithin: Restarting A Heart

Earlier this month, you read about the birth and rise of Tech Mahindra SMART as one of the largest private skilling programs in the country, training and placing over 100,000 students in diverse trades of their choice. Today, we bring you the ‘heartwarming’ story of Subhansh, a cardiac technology diploma student at the SMART Academy for Healthcare in Mohali

Meet Subhansh
Life is a journey. And so is death. Both deserve dignity.

A group of young TechMighties from Telangana set out to feed the hungry during the pandemic. Six months on, they find a greater calling – to help families of people succumbing to the virus by carrying them to cremation grounds for performing their last rites with dignity.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is unimaginably hard. The least we can do, however, is to say it with dignity.

Meet Surendra and team
Would you live an entire life as a girl, when you identify yourself more as a boy?

Girl by birth, man by choice; Subhrakanti has experienced life on both extremes of the gender spectrum, before and after sex reassignment. He considers himself lucky to have parents and friends who accept and understand him the way he is.

Meet Subhrakanti Nayak
A story of reform, resurgence, and restoration of dignity

Would you hire someone as your driver, if they had a history of serving a jail term?

A not-so-serious crime. A crime, nevertheless. A not-so-severe punishment. A punishment, nevertheless.But a story of reform, resurgence, and restoration of dignity.

Meet Pudhu Raja
The Great Jugaad

What do you do when someone mentions that they’re looking for an economical solution or an alternative for a tool that they use daily; something as basic as a ring cutter? Well, if you’re Tim, you think differently.

Meet Tim Pierce

#RiseFromWithin: Restarting A Heart

Earlier this month, you read about the birth and rise of Tech Mahindra SMART as one of the largest private skilling programs in the country, training and placing over 100,000 students in diverse trades of their choice. Today, we bring you the ‘heartwarming’ story of Subhansh, a cardiac technology diploma student at the SMART Academy for Healthcare in Mohali:

It was just another day, until it was not. Subhansh was deeply engrossed in his online class at the Academy, when his focus broke, thanks to screams of panic in the neighborhood. Naturally curious, he stepped out to check only to see a huge crowd gathered nearby. Wading through the sea of nervous people, Subhansh saw a middle-aged man lying unconscious on the road.

Now, one can believe that the will to help is inherently there in everyone. It’s the skill that most lack. That causes panic, chaos and uncertainty. In this case, for instance, it reflected in the form of people screaming, getting restless, taking fatal actions like trying to give the man food & water, which could further make matters worse, and so on.

A bright student in his trade, Subhansh wasted no time and checked the man’s pulse. He remembered what he learnt at the Academy and immediately understood that it was a heart attack. At the same time, the first-year student at the Academy also realized that this is exactly the kind of emergencies that he was training for managing – he was in the business of saving lives, and this was his moment.

One of the youngest members of that gathering, Subhansh took the lead swiftly. With people’s support, he laid the man on a flat, ventilated surface and started giving him compressions. Many people watched in disbelief, others in shock and still some in wonder. Some tried to stop him, some murmured. However, Subhansh had a plan, backed by his knowledge, training and experience at the Academy. He didn’t stop. At the same time, he signaled someone to call an ambulance. In no time, the man was on his way to a hospital.

“We could revive him only because of the CPR that Subhansh performed on him in time”, said the doctor who attended the man at the hospital. Subhansh almost broke into happy tears upon hearing that. He missed his session that day, but he learnt an important lesson: “This incident made me realize the responsibility I carry on my shoulders as a healthcare worker. At the same time, I understood the value of knowing basic first aid, not just as a professional but as a layman, too”.

The story was shared by Tech Mahindra Foundation on the World Restart a Heart Day earlier this month, a day dedicated to improving survival rates. The Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for Healthcare trains young people to save and prolong lives (and support India’s working generation in myriad other ways), and Subhansh’s story is just one of the 100,000 stories of success that we’ve written in the last eight years since our inception.

To know more about the Foundation and its work, visit

#RiseFromWithin: A Good Last Goodbye

2020 will be deeply remembered for two things: the war and the warriors. With over 24 million positive cases and more than 822 thousand deaths globally, and the way the pandemic has overturned our daily life in small and big ways, we need no elaboration on the war. That said, it has also brought to the fore, and in many cases, birthed, some great warriors, who started and continue to fight gloriously in this war against Coronavirus. India has reported more than 3.3 million cases and over 60 thousand deaths over this entire period, with the southern state of Telangana having one of the highest number of cases in the country. It is from the state's capital and one the biggest TechM locations that we report this heartwarming story of TechMighty Surendra Uplenchiwar, who ventured out to help people in a simple way, but instead came face to face with a larger purpose that awaited him.

About six months ago, during the Coronavirus outbreak, Surendra & friends set up Feed the Needy, a small 10-member voluntary organization through which they started distributing gray ration and food packets to people in need, especially the migrant worker, when the country underwent a lockdown. Their purpose was simple: 'help people while safeguarding their dignity'. Just like the Sparsh initiative in Pune, the Feed the Needy team gathered support from like-minded people and institutions and pooled in their own resources wherever needed and started helping people in the entire Hyderabad areas. It was a successful, satisfying venture until one of the team members experienced something life changing: the challenges a family faces when one of the members succumbs to Coronavirus in a private hospital, and the remaining are home quarantined.

"A simple thing, like collecting your loved one's dead body, transporting it to a cremation/burial ground and performing the last rites in a manner that accords dignity to the deceased becomes the most difficult task. Families can't even grieve peacefully, or be together, and they often have no time, resources or a state of mind to go through it", Surendra says, highlighting the unwillingness of many hospitals to handle situations in a human way, adding to woes like lengthy paperwork, high costs of ambulances (₹25,000-45,000 per transfer), access to the site, and unavailability of a family member and support personnel to perform the rites. This was when the team thought about starting an ambulance service – a special 'last ride' ambulance to transport the bodies of people who died of Coronavirus from the hospitals/homes to cremation/burial sites. With generous help and support from the Cyberabad Commemorate Police Department – led by VC Sajjanar IPS, Commissioner of Police and Vijay Kumar, DCP Traffic – Surendra & friends immediately started their journey.

"Diseases & death don't discriminate, and neither do we", the team says. "When we went out to feed the needy, there were no castes or religions, just people. Here again, when we go out with something that involves such strong sentiments, we only see a purpose – of letting people say one last goodbye, in a dignified way". The free service started as a pilot project limited to Cyberabad limits, transporting dead bodies in a safe, timely and respectful way, for 10 hours every day. They now run two ambulances and are working towards securing a fully equipped ambulance (with oxygen cylinders and other support) to help people during the crisis.

A team member recalls, "One day, a woman called to ask if we can transport her husband from the hospital to the crematorium. He's had multiple organ failure, and she wanted to know if the doctors can now remove the ventilator, so he could be taken for the rites. We had no words to console here, only some actions that could help". The team has a dedicated phone number (7995404040) and receives several queries throughout the day. With monetary help from friends, families and supportive humanitarians, they have helped over 50 families bid dignified final goodbyes to their loved ones.

"Yes, there's a lot of taboo attached to the pandemic, and when a death happens, the situation only worsens. We have tried to put humanity above everything else and make an entry into a space which most people are literally running away from. We do struggle for funds, time and support, but that has never stopped us. We are willing to fund the initiative from our pocket, if no one helps us – at least for as long as we can". The team's work has won them appreciation internally and beyond Tech Mahindra.

At the same time, the Feed the Needy team continues to work on the initial idea they set out with – to ensure people don't go hungry because of the pandemic. In addition, they have also supported people affected by floods in the Mulugu district by giving them clothes and other utilities.

To know more or support the initiative, contact Surendra Uplenchiwar.

Connect with him on Twitter

Connect on phone/WhatsApp: 7995404040

If you know of a powerful story of #RiseFromWithin like this one, please write to us.

#RiseFromWithin: Beyond pink and blue

In a 2015 Frontline article under the growing up trans series, Sarah Childress talks about the programming that humans undergo from the cradle to dress and behave in a certain way, according to the rules assigned to their biological sex. "Boys are supposed to like trucks, act tough, and excel at math. Girls are supposed to like princesses, wear dresses, and be nice. Everything that a kid sees, everything in consumer culture, almost without exception, is reinforcing stereotypical understandings of what it looks like and feels like to be a male or a female", she mentions. However, as a small but growing number of people have begun to come out as transgender, they've helped to challenge the notion that gender is linked to biological sex.

Meet Subhrakanti, for example. He was the first of three daughters born in the Nayak family of Rourkela in Odisha.

He, daughter, yes.

From a tender age, he identified himself more like a boy than a girl and inclined towards things that one would normally associate with boys: from choices in clothes to toys, preferences in games to activities, and general interests to social behavior. Initial years were difficult when people around him will force him to act in a 'girl-like' way, and he'd hate it. On his first day at school, Subhrakanti felt discomfort concerning his gender identity for the first time. He wanted to dress like the boys and sit with them. The differences and discomfort continued to grow as he hit puberty and started noticing that his physical and psychological selves did not align. He spoke to his family and friends, who initially thought he was just a tomboyish girl, but later realized that there was more to it.

"I used to read voraciously about gender, concerning my unique self. While I read, I also discussed it with people around me, slowly educating both myself and them about sex, gender, and sexuality (yes, they're different). My family and friends graduated through the phases of shock, disbelief, awareness, acceptance, interest, support, and finally pride in who I was (or perhaps going to be)", he says. Subhrakanti feels that a positive response to his feelings and desires from him innermost circle helped him firm up his decision of going for a sex reassignment procedure at an early age.

While he was getting ready himself for it, he was also slowly preparing his folks about his return into their lives as a trans-man. "Their support was out of this world", he says. This was around the time he finished college and landed a job with Tech Mahindra. He was lucky to have a team that understood, respected and supported his decisions and plans. As Subhrakanti settled down in the job, he firmed up his resolve to go under the knife.

"Honestly, I was scared, too. I feared the needles and knives, the injections and the hormones and all the post-surgery procedures, but my want to free out my soul and live with the gender I identify more with was above any pain", he mentions. The surgery was successful, and he recovered from it quickly, becoming what he had wanted to since childhood.

Subhrakanti describes his journey from growing up as a boy trapped inside the body a girl to a man inside the body of a man now, as a smooth, spiritual one. "A lot of it came from reading, research, communication, and being sure of what I always wanted. I was very lucky to have a supportive family, friends, and colleagues", he adds. His mentors at TechM find him to be a highly efficient team member, with great feedback from his peers, seniors, and customers alike. He's as courageous, honest and likable in his professional dealings as he was when he agreed to let us share his story with the world.

We also got a chance to put Subhrakanti through a quick 10-question-rapid-fire interview, and his answers inspire us:

  • Dreams: "To be financially independent at an early age, so that I don't have to wait till retirement to enjoy the good life with family & friends"
  • Likes: "Spending time with self and the needy … helps me meditate and stay positive"
  • Dislikes: "Negativity and animals being killed for taste/superstition"
  • Fears: "Ending up hurting myself or someone else … I tend to bottle up feelings when I go through any emotional trauma, and regret later"
  • Inspiration: "Family and friends … and Emma Watson"
  • Moments & memories: "Many … every moment I spend with my loved one's today becomes a memory for tomorrow"
  • Life goals: "Becoming someone who my family, friends & colleagues are proud of … an honest, talented, hardworking, inspiring and smart man who lives life with a great deal of dignity and is very down to earth … someone like my father"
  • Love and relationships: "Of course, I'd want to love and be loved … and maybe even get married one day"
  • Ideal life partner: "Emma Watson … for the beauty with brains that she is, and for her personality (the way she advocates for rights & justice)
  • Message for the world: "The world is made up of all kinds of people, and that's what makes it so beautiful. I'll live the way I am and will respect the way others are, too. We've got this one life, which we should live to the fullest … while being grateful for every small act of kindness anyone has done for us.

Readers, we'd strongly encourage you to go through some of these stories to get a better understanding of sex, gender, and sexuality, and familiarize yourself with the procedure of sex reassignment:

  • How gender reassignment works: How stuff works | Harvard University | National Geographic
  • Another inspiring story: When Steve becomes Stephanie
  • Managing gender reassignment at work: SHRM

We discovered Subhrakanti's story through an email conversation with Sayantan Jana, his mentor at TechM. We were inspired by the sheer courage that Subhrakanti displayed in not just taking bold decisions for himself, but also in being vocal about it. We publish this with generous inputs and the gracious permission from Subhrakanti to carry his story under The Storybook Project.

We are thankful to both Sayantan and Subhrakanti for this. You can write to them with your messages and questions.

If you have any questions on Diversity & Inclusivity at Tech Mahindra, please write to Nandini Darsi.

If you know of a powerful story of #RiseFromWithin like this one, please write to us.

#RiseFromWithin: Beyond the bars

47-year old Pudhu Raja is a convict at the Puzhal prison in Chennai. Around 11 years ago, he was put behind bars for a not-so-serious crime, which took away the entire after-half of his youth. The life in jail also put a pause to all that he was or aspired to be and go beyond being a convict – including his passion for painting. He was very good at it.

Many miles away up north in New Delhi, TechM Foundation was celebrating the 7th anniversary of SMART, its flagship skilling initiative, that has trained and placed tens of thousands of young people in modern-day job, moving them out of poverty, enabling them to be self-reliant, and build a dignified career for themselves in a trade of their choice. As the team discussed possibilities of exploring new avenues where SMART could be employed to make a difference – to new people beyond their regular audience of young people, women, people with disabilities, and so on – they came up with the idea of extending it to the inmates at a prison.

Yes, it would be the road less taken. An experiment of sorts.

But then, if successful, it would also be an opportunity to repurpose a tainted life – and give them another shot.

In April 2018, TechM Foundation teamed up with its partner SEESHA and the jail authorities at the Puzhal prison and launched a SMART Skill Development Programme for the inmates who had been serving a term for minor crimes. The idea was to provide them a career-based training to link them with employers and facilitate job placement once they are out to help them focus in life and support their family. In no time, the inmates started training to become professional four-wheeler drivers, with a bright hope to begin a new life after their release.

In addition to learning to drive, PudhuRaja started painting again. Realizing his passion, the Foundation organized an exhibition of his work at TechM Chennai. This humble effort helped him sell 40 paintings and accumulate a sum of ₹27,000. Pudhu used it towards his father's treatment, while still being at the jail.

Chetan Kapoor, the COO of TechM Foundation visited the program at Chennai recently. In a heartwarming Facebook post, he shared his experience. He said: "I walked out of jail a few hours back. An overwhelming experience, as I was visiting the Puzhal prison in Chennai where we are running the #TechMahindra SMART Skill Development program for convicted inmates. These inmates, most of whom are in for not-so-severe crimes, are being trained to be 4-wheeler drivers so that they can hope to start a life of dignity once they are released. We had started this center as an experiment around a year back, and after some initial hiccups, it is now emerging as one of our most exciting projects at Tech Mahindra Foundation. The real challenge lies ahead - to ensure the acceptance of these SMART students once they are out there, ready to be hired as drivers. We are hopeful that this simple attempt of ours at reforming lives will resonate with the world outside in general, and the employers in particular. Among the inmates was one middle-aged person who speaks fluent English, and another who is a wonderful artist. All of them get emotional while talking about their families. And all of them are overjoyed at being a part of this experiment..."

Pudhu gets released in five months. In 11 years that he spent at the jail, he has transformed himself completely. He's learned to drive, he's returned as a painter, and he now looks forward to leading a dignified purposeful life in the years that await him. From rehabilitation to reskilling to employment, he has a journey to remember, and a destination to look forward to. And, he's only one of the many inmates who've benefitted from this unique program and are waiting eagerly to start a new life.

Here's our question to you:
Would you hire a Pudhu to drive you around once he finishes his jail term and begins afresh? More importantly, why or why not?

With inputs from Tanish Maheshwari, TechM Foundation

#RiseFromWithin: The great Jugaad

Whether the idea is big or small, whether it is a market disruptor or an innovative solution, our associates believe that ideas change the way we experience the world.

We would like to introduce you to Timothy (Tim) Pierce, Senior Engineer – Fixed Access from TMNSI who has created a ring cutter tool by welding an existing wire cutter with a washer in under 10 mins for USD 15. A similar tool in the market costs USD 120. We spoke to Tim … to celebrate his creation and relive those moments.

Tell us about yourself

I retired as a law enforcement officer after working for 21 years. I started working part-time at TM and then applied for an FT role about a year ago. This kind of work is challenging, as I have never done it before. The work I do here is very different from the majority of the work I did during my adult life.

What does your workday schedule look like?

I work in the Overland Park Kansas office. I have been working with and under Thom Russell, on the BBU C&I project since April 2018 and most recently, the BBU Consolidation project. Thom and I have several goods, hard-working field techs that cover the Kansas and a portion of the Missouri markets. We schedule the site work daily for the field techs in the market. We also work hard to forecast the work for the week we are in and then look at the work for the month that is forecasted. Each day we review the site work from the night/day prior and send an EOS report to the customer verifying that the work was done and completed with no issues or if there was a cancellation or issues with the site. We focus heavily on "forecasting" the work ahead to minimize travel in both the Kansas and Missouri market sites to keep any expenses to a minimum while maintaining a satisfactory result for the customer. We also work with the customer monthly, weekly and often daily to ensure that we have all of the equipment necessary to complete the work required and scheduled. I also am in charge of maintaining our fleet vehicles assigned to the field techs and work closely with the fleet service company on making sure that the vehicles are maintained and the best suited for the work and the areas geographically that the field techs are working in.

How did you train yourself for this role?

I have always liked challenges so if someone said it is hard to do or to complete, I would jump right in to challenge myself to get the task done regardless of what it is. I always work and try hard to reach my goals by successfully getting my job done with minimal errors and in a timely fashion. The training that has been offered to me to get to where I am today at Tech Mahindra is all due to the patience and knowledge of the staff in our Overland Park, KS office. Truthfully, they deserve all the credit for the training provided to me to this point. Without their patience and knowledge, I would not be successful.

What is a ring cutter?

A ring cutter is a piece of equipment used to cut the cable with a minimum of discomfort and effort while ensuring that the cable being cut is the cable intended. This tool is a guide to work with the specific piece of cable being worked with since there are several different cables and different purposes for each cable. We were asked by the customer to have the specialized ring cutter in the work that was being given to us at the time. I had heard of a ring cutter but wasn't sure what one looked like so my boss, Casey Self showed a picture of one that he looked up on Amazon. The first thing I noticed was that the cost of this tool was $100 – USD 120 per pair before shipping.

Why did you think of creating this rung cutter?

As I mentioned, Casey Self asked if anyone of us could come up with suggestions to create this tool or come up with something comparable. I looked closely at the picture and thought that I can create it by modifying our existing wire cutters available at the office. I took the opportunity and said I would like to try. I took a pair of these wire cutters home with me, dug through some washers I had at home, and attempted to simulate the tool I saw on Amazon. I conferred with a friend that I farm within my off time and asked him if I could use his shop and welder. He complied and he and I welded the washer on the existing wire cutters I had taken home with me. I polished the weld and thought it looked good. I took it back into the office and showed Casey and Thom Russell and they concurred it was what we needed. I went ahead and took 15 additional pairs of the existing cutters we had in the office with me. I stopped by hardware store looking for flat washers of a specific size and ended up finding 15 washers for the cutters I had. I bought them for USD 0.90 per piece. I went back to my friend's shop over the weekend and he and I completed welding the washers to the cutters and polishing the welds and returned them to the office on Monday. I was told that the tool was compliant with what was expected of us to use and Thom Russell distributed them to the field techs needing them. As far as how I did this, it was done by looking at the picture that Casey Self had shown me from Amazon. That was all. We had a ring cutter at the price of $12-$15, which included the original price of the cutters we had and the washers that I bought.

Did you weld anything previously?

When I was 17 years (senior in high school), I thought I was burnt out on school and didn't like spending time taking classes that weren't required but were needed to fulfill the expected class hours needed to complete school. I looked at different options and found out that there was a program that as a senior allowed the opportunity to take vocational classes. I chose welding because of all of the different avenues this trade could be used in the future if I ever needed it to fall back on. At that time, I did weld and later over the years have done some welding here and there when it was needed.

What thought inspired you to create this tool?

I am a "penny pincher" and love to save money and as I mentioned when I first saw the picture I could not believe that was the cost for something that looked so simple. I saw the tool was simple and there was an obvious scope to save money by us "building our own". When I looked at the picture, I felt that the wire cutter with a washer would serve the purpose. Again, we already owned the cutters as a company and I knew I had washers at home or if needed, they could easily be purchased for a minimal amount and used for this purpose. The actual welding/polishing work for this took about 30 minutes. I did not think much of doing this aside from it just being part of my job to help be financially responsible and use what I knew to do it. I believe there are many people in our office with abilities just like me, who could have done this. The only difference is that I was there at the very time Casey asked initially and it allowed me to help in a way not typically done in a day. I wanted to make it effective and in a cost-efficient manner and that was it.

Can you please tell us about your family?

I have been married for 28 years now. My wife Shannon has been a nurse for 26 years from working in ICU, the E.R., supervising the trauma unit to working for a specialized cardiology group. She now is the Administrator/Director of Nursing for conscious sedation, oral dentistry surgery center. We have 2 daughters, 20 & 17. Our elder daughter Sydney is in her sophomore year of college studying to become an Esthetician and hopefully work for a plastic surgeon. She is also a CNA and works at a local hospital on the cardiac floor and in the E.R as well. Our younger daughter, Taylor, is in her junior year of high school and plays competitive volleyball. We travel almost 10 months out of the year with her as she aims to play college volleyball while studying Forensic Science.

What do you do in your spare time?

Myself, I do anything to keep busy and not be sitting still. As a family, we love to travel going to any warm place. We are just a simple group of people doing what we can to always stay busy. Our one main goal as a family is to make time every day to sit down to dinner together. Our motto is, "Reputation is for time and character is for eternity"--therefore we work and practice hard to live a simple life and affect the people we are around and meet.

Any message for our readers?

To those I work within the Overland Park Kansas office, I appreciate the time and patience that they have given and continue to give that makes my job and everyone in our office's job fun and easy to understand and do successfully. If given the opportunity to do something extra, always take advantage of the opportunity because you never know where it might lead you. Lastly, thank you for your time in recognizing my effort and let it be known, many others around me every day are doing great things also.

Tim Pierce works for Tech Mahindra Network Services International, Inc. We have published the transcript of the original interview as shared by Sumana Srikurmam, RHR-NA. For further information on the story, please write to her at

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Tech Mahindra was declared Winners of ‘The Golden Peacock HR Excellence Award’ for the year 2019 in the IT sector

Avatar Awards 2020

Tech Mahindra was recognized as the Top 10 Best Companies for Women in India for the third year in a row and also declared “Champions” amongst the Most Inclusive Companies Index by Working Mother and Avtar.

Stevie Awards 2020

Tech Mahindra was recognized by USA based ‘Stevie® Awards for Great Employers’ Tech Mahindra received a Gold Stevie for innovative use of HR Technology and a Bronze Stevie for being the most valuable employer across Asia Pacific.

Brandon Hall 2020

Tech Mahindra won the Gold award in the “Best Advance in Unique HR or Workforce Management Technology” category at the 2020 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Technology Awards Fall Program (USA).

Company with Great Managers 2020

Tech Mahindra was recognized by People Business Inc. in the ‘Companies with Great Managers’ category at the ET Great Manager Awards 2020 Program.

Bloomberg 2020 GEI

TechM is amongst only three Indian companies in the global Bloomberg 2020 Gender-Equality Index (GEI).

Economic Times Innovation Awards 2020

Tech Mahindra was recognized at the Economic Times Innovation Awards 2020 in the “People Innovation” category for creating K2, the first humanoid employee.

ATD BEST Awards 2020

TechM were winners of Association for Talent Development (ATD) BEST Awards 2020 for Learning & Development and were the only India based MNC in the top ten.

AIMA Case Study Competition

Tech Mahindra were winners at the All India Management Association (AIMA) 9th Innovation Practitioners Case Study Contest and Summit 2020 in the “Innovation in Human Resources Practices” category for Talex – AI driven Marketplace.

10th Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards

Tech Mahindra were Winners in – “Diversity Impact Award” and “Excellence in HR through Technology” at the 10th Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards.

World HRD Congress 2019

Tech Mahindra won five awards at the World HRD Congress for “Health at Work”, “Fun at Work”, “L&D for Employee Engagement”, “Tech in HR” and were ranked 4th in “Dream Companies to Work For” list.

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